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Personal Data Protection


HSBC Banka A.Ş. (“HSBC”), has adopted some basic principles for the protection of all our customer’s personal data. HSBC aims to keep the customer’ s trust by acting in accordance with these basic principles. In this respect, we would like to inform you about ‘Law on Protection of Personal Data’ No. 6698 (“the Law”) prepared to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons as well as personal data.

Obligation of Disclosure

Under the law, HSBC acts as a data controller. HSBC, in data controller capacity, shall save, store and update your personal information in order to maintain its Banking services. In cases permitted by the relevant legislation, HSBC shall classify and process your personal information as specified in the Law as well as share it with third parties, including HSBC Group (refers to HSBC Group, HSBC Holdings Plc. and its subsidiaries) , which are resident within and outside the country.

Method of Personal Data Collection

Your personal data may be collected in written, verbally or electronically through channels, such as HSBC Head Office and branches, ATMs, kiosks, internet banking and call centers.

Aims of Personal Data Process and Legal Reasons

HSBC shall process your personal data as specified in the Law with individuals, institutions and organizations duly authorized by our Laws and those who are allowed to process information under the Banking Law as well as other individuals and organizations deemed appropriate by HSBC Group and the Bank in order to fulfill its obligations under our legislation and to provide better service and alternative products to you.

Individuals / Institutions to whom Personal Data Processed by HSBC might be Transferred

Organizations, institutions and other third parties permitted by Banking Law No. 5411 as well as Banking regulations ; regulatory authorities such as BRSA, CMB, CBT, FCIB and the Undersecretariat of Treasury; HSBC Group companies established within the country and abroad; correspondent banks and other third parties providing any and all services with whom we cooperate in order to carry out our banking services.

Rights of Our Clients under the Framework of Article 11 of the Law

Contacting HSBC, you have the right to: a) learn whether or not your personal data has been processed; b) request information if your personal data has been processed; c) learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether or not it is used for the purposes intended; d) know the third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred abroad; e) request correction of your personal data if it is processed deficiently/incorrectly; f) request deletion / disposal of your personal data under the terms of Article 7 of the Law; g) ask for notification to the third parties to whom your personal data have been transferred of any transactions pursuant to the above-mentioned clauses (d) and(e); h) object to any result obtained against your favour due to the analysis of your personal data exclusively by automated systems; and i) ask for indemnification for any losses you have suffered if your personal data have been processed in violation of the laws.